Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Seneley & Garswood Juniors F.C.

Good afternoon,

It was my honour as Secretary of Seneley & Garswood Juniors F.C. to organise and host an evening with Rose Tree Gunners U13s on Thursday 12th. August.

May I take this opportunity to thank the players, parents and Coaching staff of RTSC for making that evening such a memorable occasion.

You were all a credit to your Club and your country.

Many thanks for giving us the opportunity to host such an evening, I have attached a photograph of the boys before their game and others will be sent to you in due course.

I trust that you have taken away some fond memories that will live with you forever.
Thanks again,

<<6. August 2010 ~ Under 13s v Rose Tree Gunners..doc>>

Tom Nugent,
Seneley & Garswood Juniors F.C.

Monday, August 16, 2010

UK Trip D Day

D Day, back to Dublin to return back home. Our wonderful journey had ended. As we return home , all of us have build memories that will last a lifetime. The lessons we have learned are a great stepping stone for the Gunners. Above all the bonding that occured between the lads is priceless. Where to begin and recap. We learned that even though Europe has small everything, cars, hotel rooms etc, due to size of land they have found a way to have land for clubs to have super sized 5-9 fields that include clubhouses and lockerrooms and gift shops and some even a Pub attached to it. While we super size everything back home, maybe we should start super sizing the rights things. The clubhouse and lockers give the teams a sense of belonging and sense of home. How nice would it be to take over Cherry and do this. We learned that these clubs actually belong to the community. Awesome. Many of us learned what it feels like to attend a real game and have become Tottenham fans. A stadia smack in the middle of a neighborhood and what an atmosphere. We learned how beautiful Old Trafford is and due to the EU how international all cities are these days. We again learned how special we are and always will be regardless of wins or losses as watching Alex Schultz come back home and play was special, he never left and his heart will tell you so. We learned what they think of our football abroad. They think we don't pass well, open up our bodies and have too many cliques that ruin teams. Of course these were genral observations not against the Gunners. We learned that even in the UK everyone wants to play the Spanish way. Gone are the days of bomb the ball down the field and cross. I was skeptical a bit playing non academy teams because they get the best players but we all learned that there is an abundance of great players that play for local clubs that can't even make the academy. We learned how physical European play is, take no prisoners, and we learned to be ANIMALS. Love it. We learned thanks to coach Cropper a new tradition that we will circle up after we give up a goal and settle ourselves down.

We learned Park Lane is Paaaak Lane
Marble Arch is Maaaable Accchhh
Always say Cheers never thanks
Always say Yeah Yeah Yeah
Birds means chicks
Sam is Saaaam
Randy is Raaaaandy
And there is a famous Irish song "there could be only one Deano"
We learned that Johnny Cash has nightly meetings and the young Apple pie society when playing cards deals the wrong way.

We learned that only the Gunners can take 70 abroad and take over 3 countries. 4 teams now have Rose Tree bags, Rose Tree cups and balls. Back to reality, these young men had a 10 day holiday and need practice time and soccer time. I will hold a practice this week in preparation for Spirit tourney this weekend. Enough of hanging around, time for some light practices.

Tod you're the best for putting this together so new assingment, U17 we will go to Spain. OLE

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

UK Trip Day 10

Our final full day had us going through the Irish country side and Mountains during the morning. In the afternoon we visited St.Josephs club for our final game. Our tour guide was nervous and warned us of how good they were, one of the best in Ireland. To add to our problems we could only play their older team and the lads were 1 to 1 1/2 years older than us. Needless to say we hanged on for dear life and lost 5-0 with our keeper as the star. That sums it up. After the game we all got together and the host club had food and drinks for us at their club house. Check this out. St.Joes partnered up with Athletico Madrid to teach their players the Spanish way of playing. They have played, Lisbon, Porto, Liverpool, team from Japan and Bolton and now Rose Tree:)))))) They have 3 coaches in each age group and at least one has a UEFA A lic, which means they could coach PRO. They coach for free to give back to their community. Everyone pitches in. Parents video the game everyweek, so coaches could go over with players. All players that don't make it after age 23 finds themselves back in the community coaching. They have a clubhouse with 2 lockerooms for both teams and even a gear shop. Great great stuff!!!!

OLE OLE. Our trip ends 2-2-0.

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UK Trip Day 9

Day 9 had my Gunners with a 2 1/2 hour session with the Irish FA. As explained to us, the Irish FA's sole job in each age group is to take the best players in the country and make them better so maybe they can get looks abroad in England or Europe. It was a great session as the boys had a session on learning to open up while receiving a pass and before they even receive a pass having an idea on where they will pass. Great session. From there we spent the afternoon in Dublin on O'Connell st and the pubs.

Tomorrow our final day we end up with our 4th and final game vs the best pure club in Dublin, St.Josephs.... OLE

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UK Trip Day 8

Day 8 was a huge travel day. We left Manchester and traveled through Castle country, the Wales on our way to take a ferry to Dublin, Guiness, Ireland. I have know John Daly for 9 years and I have never seen the man so happy. His joker smile all day was something else as he was awaiting visiting his beloved Ireland. We took time to take in Dublin once there and tomorrow we have training with the Irish FA. Ole

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Friday, August 13, 2010

UK Trip Day 6

Sennely and Garswood

Day 6 of our tour found us in the morning at the Theatre of Dreams , Old Trafford, for a wonderful morning. What a beautiful stadium and what a great tour. The evening we headed for our 3rd game vs Sennely and Garswood, a Merseyside local club. They were between team 1 and 2 in competitive nature. I cannot describe what happened next. Words can not describe it. The hospitality and welcome we recieved was AWESOME. we played on a pitch attached to a pub. The boys had locker rooms and we went on the field like a Pro team , both clubs lining up in the tunnel , shaking hands and going on the field to fans applause. The Gunners were led by captain Ryan Schultz..The fans were under a roof-stands. I am doing it un-justice trying to put it in words. The game itself was great. The Gunners were pumped and got total effort from all the players.The first half had highlites that included a PK save from the kepper , Liam, and 2 awesome goals, one by Sammy and a free kick 22 yards out by David. The half ended 2 love. The second half though, they tilted the field and finally popped a goal, of a deflection by our own Panzo into our net. and then, my General quickly approached Panzo and Deano as well and told him no worries, heads up. The lads did not put their heads down and played with heart. Jack Buttimer made two stops in the box, Jack Daly , Panzo and Alex refused to be beaten and Cropper, Lucky 5 , Big E and the General helped Liam hold. We won 2-1 in a real close game that also had some highlites of near misses. Brooksy kissed the bar, Hibbs of a head flick kissed the bar and Mr.Righty "14" almost chipped the keeper, and Cropper's fabulous Sylvinho run, dribbling past 6 lads and being taken down did not result in a shot. More important for me was Lucky 5 was back, no knee pain and no injuries. He looked like himself.

After the game there were presentaions by both teams, food and good ole English Ale. what a night, AWESOME. What a day for my Gunners!!! Tomorrow we are off to Ireland, and John Daly has been smiling since 6AM. OH BOY, OLE OLE OLE>>>

Thursday, August 12, 2010

UK Trip Day 5

Look Up and Hamburgers

Today we finally reached our destination of Liverpool. The boys had training with the Everton academy. We went to the complex and Everton had allocated 2 hours for the boys. The trainer was a very good coach used to dealing with kids. \the drills were awesome and so were the ladders. There was also a clash in cultures. \the trainer asked, what should you do when you dribble??? "keep your head up" was the reply. OK so let's look at the sky and look for airplanes. here we keep our head level, OUCH, LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!! howvever Everton gave us an extra half hour, but no sightings of Tim Howard.

after training we went for a tour in Liverpool and their huge mega \sports store. we ended up in a pub where yours truly tried to order a hamburger. I was politelty told we don't serve hamburgers, but we do serve beef burgers. When I asked the difference, she told me hamburgers are made out of ham!!!!! OH BOY!!!!

Tomorrow we go to the Cathedral, the Meca, the Theatre of Dreams, Man U's stadium and finish the day with a Merseyside team for a game 3 on our tour. Go Gunners!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

UK Trip Day 4

Travel day today---who are ya????

One of the biggest chants and taunts in the UK is "who are ya??" ....Today was a huge travel day for my boys. We needed to trek to the far north so we left London and made our way to Manchester and Liverpool. We went through Stonehenge saw the amazing stones and went to Bath. Once there we split into two groups. One group went through Bath and the other took the boys to the hotel for some swimming. While in Bath Mikey B went to see a PRO Rugby team and get some auto graphs. While in a huge crowd of attention seekers he found himself in front of the line..then "who are ya??" Mikey told the Pros about our futbol adventure and training with Reading and future training with Everton. So impressed were the Rugby players of the Gunner tour that they cleared the floor of the attention seekers and gave Mikey the floor. How can we have a training session with Reading and how can we have a session with Everton. How?????? Beacause we are the franchise--- the Rose Tree Gunners!!!!! Now everyone in Bath knows the Gunners baby, clear the floor--- Who are ya?????

Tomorrow a training session with Everton Academy...

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Monday, August 9, 2010

UK Trip day 3

Eldon Celtic FC!!!!!!!!!!

Day 3 started with a trip to Reading FC and the Majectic stadium. We were allowed to take a tour of the Majectic including the locker room, the players lounge and the actual field and stadium. After that we trained at their training grounds with one of their academy coaches. What a treat. After our training we made our way to Windsor for a day out and a visit to the castle. We ended our day with Match day 2 vs Eldon Celtic FC a local Reading team that has 5 trophies in the last 3 years, 3 championships and 2 cups. Unlike yesterday this game was pure in UK flavor, very high paced, physical, and skilled fast players. The first 15 minutes belonged to the hosts as they tilted the field without an exit. Down we went 2 love. Thanks to my keeper Liam we gained our compusure and thanks to two awesome stops by him the half would end 2 love but at a huge cost. My General was already injured and due to hard play Alex, Connor, and David went down. Jack Buttimer was battling exhaustion from the first half. All we told the boys was just match their effort as Rose Tree does not quit. From there they took it upon themselves and decided ENOUGH, they will not be bullied. Daly, Cropper, Panzo, David, Big E, double Jack, Brooksy, Hibbs, Sammy and Deano, General, and the Bull became ANIMALS and probably the best half of 35 minutes I have ever seen. The hosts refused to yield and mano a mano both teams went, just pounding each other and taking turns rushing up 110 yards. It was incredible. I don't think anyone wanted the game to end but finally the last whistle 2 love we went down to a roar by the crowd for both teams. Yep the first 15 was theirs but 55 minutes after that we played level. Birthday boy Deano almost provided some fireworks as he beat the keeper but his shot was cleared of the line by a defender. WOW our boys were awesome they were ANIMALS. After the game the Gunners treated #14 to a BDAY suprise on what makes us special. We ended the day discussing on how awesome Eldon is and yet they are not the academy team as the lads play for Eldon because they can't play for Reading FC. What talent they had and what desire and heart we had. OLE

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Just two add ons. Alex Shultzy Shultz was not mentioned in the 2nd half because we held him out due to his knee injury, but he was awesome the first half and Ryan Big Shultzy was missed as this game was made for him. Double injured Schultzy brothers , man we could of used them.

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

UK Trip day 2

London belongs to us today. Day 2 in the UK opened up with the Gunners visiting Brentford part of London a nice blue collar section. The complex was in the middle of their big neighborhood and consisted of 10 fields , 8 lockerrooms and 10 coaching parking spots. Yep just like Cherry.. We were given access to their lockerroom for the boys. It was awesome. We played London Lions a div 2 team that had success in the Spring Cups. However they are in midst of Holiday here and they lost some of their players. So they fused and got guest players. The game was played on a 110 by 70 turf field. Yesterday's Tottenham game was a blessing on coaching. We asked them to spread the field, hold their shape and stay patient. The game started and the first 20 was all Gunners. Chance after chance and finally we broke the Lions. Sammy found David and one nill. The last 15 minutes was choppy. And half 1-0. We discussed that we needed to go back to our first 20 minute play. The second half belonged just to the Gunners. Tilted the field and created. Play was beautiful stringing 8 9 passes and finding ways to switch the field of play. Cropper started our second goal with Alex Schultz. They found Hibbs who made a nice cross and found Jack Daly and Bang 2 nil. We decided to give the General a break and play him striker. He was possesed creating chance after chance and finally the goal of the match. Brooooksy started the play by finding Dean wide who turned and sent the General down the flank who crossed to Hibbs and final 3 -0. We celebrated our win with going to Wembley and watching the Community Shield and my beloved United winning 3-1. From there we took the sweatbox aka the Tube to central London for an evening of sight-seeing. Our perfect day ends . Day 3 tomorrow will have a pro training session with Reading FC and an afternoon match for the boys with a local club.

PS for years I thought the lads name was Schultzy but 15 Venezualan girls finally broke the truth. They vouch its Justin Bieber :) :)


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UK Trip Day 1

Our big UK trip arrived and Friday night the Gunners took over Phi Itln airport. 54 of us wearing Red and Yeloow with the Rose Tree Gunners logo. The airport belonged to us and later that night so did our plane. We even had traveling fans as the Wilmot family joined the affair. 6 hours later we touched down Heathrow and took over London. We had another 10 of our family waiting for us and our 70 plus Gunner group was ready. After a quick hotel stop , off we went to White Hart Lane to watch Totenham vs Fiorentina. What an experience it was. This historic stadium is in the middle of a North London neighborhood. It is so cool to have a stadium in the middle of houses and shops. Most fans walk to the game. The stadium is small and has no bad seats. It provides an intimate environment between fans and players. The Spurs took the game 3-2. The chanting and applause by these sophisticated fans inspired my lads. What a way to finish a long day as we prepare to face off the London Lions tomorrow and then bus off to the Community Shield at Wembley between United and Chelsea. Go Gunners baby.......

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