Monday, August 16, 2010

UK Trip D Day

D Day, back to Dublin to return back home. Our wonderful journey had ended. As we return home , all of us have build memories that will last a lifetime. The lessons we have learned are a great stepping stone for the Gunners. Above all the bonding that occured between the lads is priceless. Where to begin and recap. We learned that even though Europe has small everything, cars, hotel rooms etc, due to size of land they have found a way to have land for clubs to have super sized 5-9 fields that include clubhouses and lockerrooms and gift shops and some even a Pub attached to it. While we super size everything back home, maybe we should start super sizing the rights things. The clubhouse and lockers give the teams a sense of belonging and sense of home. How nice would it be to take over Cherry and do this. We learned that these clubs actually belong to the community. Awesome. Many of us learned what it feels like to attend a real game and have become Tottenham fans. A stadia smack in the middle of a neighborhood and what an atmosphere. We learned how beautiful Old Trafford is and due to the EU how international all cities are these days. We again learned how special we are and always will be regardless of wins or losses as watching Alex Schultz come back home and play was special, he never left and his heart will tell you so. We learned what they think of our football abroad. They think we don't pass well, open up our bodies and have too many cliques that ruin teams. Of course these were genral observations not against the Gunners. We learned that even in the UK everyone wants to play the Spanish way. Gone are the days of bomb the ball down the field and cross. I was skeptical a bit playing non academy teams because they get the best players but we all learned that there is an abundance of great players that play for local clubs that can't even make the academy. We learned how physical European play is, take no prisoners, and we learned to be ANIMALS. Love it. We learned thanks to coach Cropper a new tradition that we will circle up after we give up a goal and settle ourselves down.

We learned Park Lane is Paaaak Lane
Marble Arch is Maaaable Accchhh
Always say Cheers never thanks
Always say Yeah Yeah Yeah
Birds means chicks
Sam is Saaaam
Randy is Raaaaandy
And there is a famous Irish song "there could be only one Deano"
We learned that Johnny Cash has nightly meetings and the young Apple pie society when playing cards deals the wrong way.

We learned that only the Gunners can take 70 abroad and take over 3 countries. 4 teams now have Rose Tree bags, Rose Tree cups and balls. Back to reality, these young men had a 10 day holiday and need practice time and soccer time. I will hold a practice this week in preparation for Spirit tourney this weekend. Enough of hanging around, time for some light practices.

Tod you're the best for putting this together so new assingment, U17 we will go to Spain. OLE

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