Wednesday, August 11, 2010

UK Trip Day 4

Travel day today---who are ya????

One of the biggest chants and taunts in the UK is "who are ya??" ....Today was a huge travel day for my boys. We needed to trek to the far north so we left London and made our way to Manchester and Liverpool. We went through Stonehenge saw the amazing stones and went to Bath. Once there we split into two groups. One group went through Bath and the other took the boys to the hotel for some swimming. While in Bath Mikey B went to see a PRO Rugby team and get some auto graphs. While in a huge crowd of attention seekers he found himself in front of the line..then "who are ya??" Mikey told the Pros about our futbol adventure and training with Reading and future training with Everton. So impressed were the Rugby players of the Gunner tour that they cleared the floor of the attention seekers and gave Mikey the floor. How can we have a training session with Reading and how can we have a session with Everton. How?????? Beacause we are the franchise--- the Rose Tree Gunners!!!!! Now everyone in Bath knows the Gunners baby, clear the floor--- Who are ya?????

Tomorrow a training session with Everton Academy...

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