Sunday, August 15, 2010

UK Trip Day 10

Our final full day had us going through the Irish country side and Mountains during the morning. In the afternoon we visited St.Josephs club for our final game. Our tour guide was nervous and warned us of how good they were, one of the best in Ireland. To add to our problems we could only play their older team and the lads were 1 to 1 1/2 years older than us. Needless to say we hanged on for dear life and lost 5-0 with our keeper as the star. That sums it up. After the game we all got together and the host club had food and drinks for us at their club house. Check this out. St.Joes partnered up with Athletico Madrid to teach their players the Spanish way of playing. They have played, Lisbon, Porto, Liverpool, team from Japan and Bolton and now Rose Tree:)))))) They have 3 coaches in each age group and at least one has a UEFA A lic, which means they could coach PRO. They coach for free to give back to their community. Everyone pitches in. Parents video the game everyweek, so coaches could go over with players. All players that don't make it after age 23 finds themselves back in the community coaching. They have a clubhouse with 2 lockerooms for both teams and even a gear shop. Great great stuff!!!!

OLE OLE. Our trip ends 2-2-0.

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