Thursday, August 12, 2010

UK Trip Day 5

Look Up and Hamburgers

Today we finally reached our destination of Liverpool. The boys had training with the Everton academy. We went to the complex and Everton had allocated 2 hours for the boys. The trainer was a very good coach used to dealing with kids. \the drills were awesome and so were the ladders. There was also a clash in cultures. \the trainer asked, what should you do when you dribble??? "keep your head up" was the reply. OK so let's look at the sky and look for airplanes. here we keep our head level, OUCH, LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!! howvever Everton gave us an extra half hour, but no sightings of Tim Howard.

after training we went for a tour in Liverpool and their huge mega \sports store. we ended up in a pub where yours truly tried to order a hamburger. I was politelty told we don't serve hamburgers, but we do serve beef burgers. When I asked the difference, she told me hamburgers are made out of ham!!!!! OH BOY!!!!

Tomorrow we go to the Cathedral, the Meca, the Theatre of Dreams, Man U's stadium and finish the day with a Merseyside team for a game 3 on our tour. Go Gunners!!!!!!

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