Friday, August 13, 2010

UK Trip Day 6

Sennely and Garswood

Day 6 of our tour found us in the morning at the Theatre of Dreams , Old Trafford, for a wonderful morning. What a beautiful stadium and what a great tour. The evening we headed for our 3rd game vs Sennely and Garswood, a Merseyside local club. They were between team 1 and 2 in competitive nature. I cannot describe what happened next. Words can not describe it. The hospitality and welcome we recieved was AWESOME. we played on a pitch attached to a pub. The boys had locker rooms and we went on the field like a Pro team , both clubs lining up in the tunnel , shaking hands and going on the field to fans applause. The Gunners were led by captain Ryan Schultz..The fans were under a roof-stands. I am doing it un-justice trying to put it in words. The game itself was great. The Gunners were pumped and got total effort from all the players.The first half had highlites that included a PK save from the kepper , Liam, and 2 awesome goals, one by Sammy and a free kick 22 yards out by David. The half ended 2 love. The second half though, they tilted the field and finally popped a goal, of a deflection by our own Panzo into our net. and then, my General quickly approached Panzo and Deano as well and told him no worries, heads up. The lads did not put their heads down and played with heart. Jack Buttimer made two stops in the box, Jack Daly , Panzo and Alex refused to be beaten and Cropper, Lucky 5 , Big E and the General helped Liam hold. We won 2-1 in a real close game that also had some highlites of near misses. Brooksy kissed the bar, Hibbs of a head flick kissed the bar and Mr.Righty "14" almost chipped the keeper, and Cropper's fabulous Sylvinho run, dribbling past 6 lads and being taken down did not result in a shot. More important for me was Lucky 5 was back, no knee pain and no injuries. He looked like himself.

After the game there were presentaions by both teams, food and good ole English Ale. what a night, AWESOME. What a day for my Gunners!!! Tomorrow we are off to Ireland, and John Daly has been smiling since 6AM. OH BOY, OLE OLE OLE>>>

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