Sunday, August 8, 2010

UK Trip day 2

London belongs to us today. Day 2 in the UK opened up with the Gunners visiting Brentford part of London a nice blue collar section. The complex was in the middle of their big neighborhood and consisted of 10 fields , 8 lockerrooms and 10 coaching parking spots. Yep just like Cherry.. We were given access to their lockerroom for the boys. It was awesome. We played London Lions a div 2 team that had success in the Spring Cups. However they are in midst of Holiday here and they lost some of their players. So they fused and got guest players. The game was played on a 110 by 70 turf field. Yesterday's Tottenham game was a blessing on coaching. We asked them to spread the field, hold their shape and stay patient. The game started and the first 20 was all Gunners. Chance after chance and finally we broke the Lions. Sammy found David and one nill. The last 15 minutes was choppy. And half 1-0. We discussed that we needed to go back to our first 20 minute play. The second half belonged just to the Gunners. Tilted the field and created. Play was beautiful stringing 8 9 passes and finding ways to switch the field of play. Cropper started our second goal with Alex Schultz. They found Hibbs who made a nice cross and found Jack Daly and Bang 2 nil. We decided to give the General a break and play him striker. He was possesed creating chance after chance and finally the goal of the match. Brooooksy started the play by finding Dean wide who turned and sent the General down the flank who crossed to Hibbs and final 3 -0. We celebrated our win with going to Wembley and watching the Community Shield and my beloved United winning 3-1. From there we took the sweatbox aka the Tube to central London for an evening of sight-seeing. Our perfect day ends . Day 3 tomorrow will have a pro training session with Reading FC and an afternoon match for the boys with a local club.

PS for years I thought the lads name was Schultzy but 15 Venezualan girls finally broke the truth. They vouch its Justin Bieber :) :)


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