Monday, August 9, 2010

UK Trip day 3

Eldon Celtic FC!!!!!!!!!!

Day 3 started with a trip to Reading FC and the Majectic stadium. We were allowed to take a tour of the Majectic including the locker room, the players lounge and the actual field and stadium. After that we trained at their training grounds with one of their academy coaches. What a treat. After our training we made our way to Windsor for a day out and a visit to the castle. We ended our day with Match day 2 vs Eldon Celtic FC a local Reading team that has 5 trophies in the last 3 years, 3 championships and 2 cups. Unlike yesterday this game was pure in UK flavor, very high paced, physical, and skilled fast players. The first 15 minutes belonged to the hosts as they tilted the field without an exit. Down we went 2 love. Thanks to my keeper Liam we gained our compusure and thanks to two awesome stops by him the half would end 2 love but at a huge cost. My General was already injured and due to hard play Alex, Connor, and David went down. Jack Buttimer was battling exhaustion from the first half. All we told the boys was just match their effort as Rose Tree does not quit. From there they took it upon themselves and decided ENOUGH, they will not be bullied. Daly, Cropper, Panzo, David, Big E, double Jack, Brooksy, Hibbs, Sammy and Deano, General, and the Bull became ANIMALS and probably the best half of 35 minutes I have ever seen. The hosts refused to yield and mano a mano both teams went, just pounding each other and taking turns rushing up 110 yards. It was incredible. I don't think anyone wanted the game to end but finally the last whistle 2 love we went down to a roar by the crowd for both teams. Yep the first 15 was theirs but 55 minutes after that we played level. Birthday boy Deano almost provided some fireworks as he beat the keeper but his shot was cleared of the line by a defender. WOW our boys were awesome they were ANIMALS. After the game the Gunners treated #14 to a BDAY suprise on what makes us special. We ended the day discussing on how awesome Eldon is and yet they are not the academy team as the lads play for Eldon because they can't play for Reading FC. What talent they had and what desire and heart we had. OLE

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Just two add ons. Alex Shultzy Shultz was not mentioned in the 2nd half because we held him out due to his knee injury, but he was awesome the first half and Ryan Big Shultzy was missed as this game was made for him. Double injured Schultzy brothers , man we could of used them.

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